Aerial Silk Kits - High Stretch Fabrics - Solid Colors


Our Aerial Silks Kits are put together with everything you need to get started right away! Offered here is a basic kit and a swivel kit, specs below. (To order just fabric see our Fabric by Yard listing)

The basic kits are perfect for both newbies and professionals alike. Designed to be cost efficient and still allow for everything needed to fly!

Fabric (100% Polyester Interlock)
Pre-tied onto a figure 8
One gold steel screw lock carabiner
One 4ft Heavy Duty Web Sling

Our swivel kit allows you to spin freely in the fabric for as long as you want without getting tangled! This can be for both newbies and professionals as it is made with your love of spinning in mind! More expensive than the basic but the investment is well worth it as our swivels are top of the line and will keep you spinning smoothly for years!
Fabric (100% Polyester Interlock)
Pre-tied onto a figure 8
Two gold steel screw locking carabiners
One Swivel
One 4ft Web Runner

-Fabric is Polyester Interlock and has been break tested and approved for aerial use! (tested by Orlando Wire and Rigging) The fabric is commonly known as high stretch, is used mainly for aerial silks/sling. This fabric is most beneficial to those working high drops. The stretch provides ample bounce and give at the end of a drop. Fabric is 60 inches wide, thick and provides ample surface area for grip. This fabric IS NOT GOOD FOR AERIAL YOGA as it gives too much stretch.

-Fabric is Machine Washable and Color Fast (see all our fabric FAQs under the above shipping and handling tab) (if viewing this listing through our website

-Over 25 colors of industry standard polyester interlock fabric! This a high stretch fabric.

-This is the exact same setup I use in shows and performances!


60" wide (rated up to 11KN or 2000 lbs)
gold (rated @ 25KN or 5620 lbs)
black (rated @ 35kN or 7,868 lbs)
yellow, 1" wide by 48" long (rated @ 62KN or 14,000lbs)
blue/red (rated @ 40KN or 9000lbs)


***SAFETY is your responsibility and never guaranteed. Hire an expert rigger, discuss with an instructor and take classes if you are unsure of what to do!

Returns & Exchanges

I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations

But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

I can create any custom length hammock or aerial silk needed, prices will vary depending on length. DM me for custom orders.

Wholesale availability

I offer a discount on bulk orders.. please contact me for wholesale discounts!

Stretch Availability

I offer both high and low stretch fabric!

Can I cut the material?

Yes, you can safely strip your fabric from either direction without the need for searing.

Washing for both solid and hand-dyed fabrics.

You can wash/dry this material safely, treat as a delicate item in the washer. You can use gentle laundry soap however I have found that the best way to keep your fabric healthy and vibrant is to use 1-2 caps of distilled white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. You may add a few drops of an essential oil of your liking for scent.

To dry, use low heat and pull the material out to undo knots it every 10 minutes or until dry. Or you can hang dry the material in your home. I do not recommend hanging in the sun to dry. Some colors are sensitive to UV.

Fabric Fading

Sky Blue and Jade are very UV sensitive. Both will fade in just 1-2 hours of direct sunlight. Other colors are more resilient however I do recommend not leaving your fabric in direct sunlight for more than a few hours. (next to a window, outside etc..)

Blacklight Reactive?

I carry a few colors that will glow under blacklight and they are White, Neon Yellow, Hot Barbie Pink and Coral Melon.

Are samples available?

Yes a sample packet of colors is available for purchase!

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SUPER stretchy, great for drops and more intense aerial training.

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