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I'm a Mom, Artist, Aerialist, Wife and so much more! I have been immersed in the aerial world for almost 10 years now and it is my undying passion! The creation of my hand dyed fabrics blends my love for both art and aerial in a way that is unlike any other! 

I've been supplying fabrics and gear to aerialists worldwide for almost 5 years now and am itching to provide more! <3 Take comfort in knowing your purchase comes from someone with experience and love for all things aerial! Read more about my fabric specs below!


I use 40 Denier Nylon Tricot, the leading industry standard for low stretch material! It stretches mostly across the width however you will feel some give at the end of a long drop. The longer the length of your fabric the more give you will feel at the bottom. Greatly recommend for beginners but loved by newbies and professionals alike! I have been using this fabric since 2009 and still ADORE it! Makes great training and performance fabric as it is soft, flowy and catches light beautifully! When you climb it will not stretch but it will give way to you slightly.

This material is 108" wide, durable and machine washable! You can strip/cut the fabric safely without the need for searing if you need a more narrow width! I would recommend using very sharp fabric scissors and keep the material taut while cutting. Machine wash and dry like a delicate! Detailed instructions for care come with the package! The gear is a sling based system designed to loop over your rig/rigging. Remember that safety is ultimately your responsibility! If you are unsure about rigging please hire a professional or attend a rigging workshop! As the popularity is rising for this sport there are many rigging workshops popping up across the country!

*Popular lengths are listed but we can accommodate custom lengths! Contact us for custom length needs

Fabric Fading - Sky Blue is especially sensitive to light and will fade in just 1-2 hours of straight sun exposure. Jade is also sensitive to UV light! Fading does not affect the integrity of the fabric, just the color. Colors can vary slightly due to moniter/phone screens! 

Samples are available for purchase for a more accuracy! 

We know this can be a big purchase so we wish to help you as much as possible in your decisions! Returns are only accepted if we sent the wrong color/style UNUSED/STILL IN ITS INITIAL WRAP/PACKAGING within 10days after receiving your item! Items received will be inspected for use (yes we can tell) damages. Once we approve the return we will refund the item. All custom length sales are final so please ensure that we have helped you with any questions/needs before you make your purchase! 

Tyedyeing? Ombre? - "In the past year there has been a new rising star in the gear community! Tyedyed and Ombre dyed fabrics! YES, you can do it at home. But let's be realistic, fabric can be a large investment and why run the risk of accidentally messing something up! I have been actively dyeing fabrics for the past year, I have done ombre dyes, spiral dyes, mandala dyes, ice dyes, tri-colors, fades, crinkles and more! I have experimented and found the best colors that blend, learned the secrets of creating the best fade, know what colors to avoid etc.. and I simply LOVE creating! I want to help you achieve the dye beauty of your dreams!!  <3"-Sam

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